This Guardian article makes it clear:

World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN

From the article:

“The report notes that while restoration science is in its infancy, agroforestry and other sustainable farming practices are already well understood and can be scaled up.”

Biological Diversity Evokes Happiness

The proverb “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” has recently been quantified in a new and interesting manner:

According to the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research, 14 bird species in the bush are worth 124 euros, or each species in the bush is worth 8.85€.

“Europeans are particularly satisfied with their lives if their immediate surroundings host a high species diversity,” explains the study’s lead author, Joel Methorst, a doctoral researcher at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, the iDiv, and the Goethe University in Frankfurt. “According to our findings, the happiest Europeans are those who can experience numerous different bird species in their daily life, or who live in near-natural surroundings that are home to many species.”

“Fourteen additional bird species in the vicinity raise the level of life satisfaction at least as much as an extra 124 Euros per month in the household account, based on an average income of 1,237 Euro per month in Europe.”

According to the study, a diverse nature therefore plays an important role for human well-being across Europe – even beyond its material services. At the same time, the researchers draw attention to impending health-related problems. “The Global Assessment 2019 by the World Biodiversity Council IPBES and studies of avian species in agricultural landscapes in Europe clearly show that the biological diversity is currently undergoing a dramatic decline. This poses the risk that human well-being will also suffer from an impoverished nature. Nature conservation therefore not only ensures our material basis of life, but it also constitutes an investment in the well-being of us all,” adds Methorst in conclusion.

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This beautiful bird photo comes from here.

The Mozart Effect of the Plant World

A recent Neuroimaging study provides new details on the link between stress reduction and green urban landscapes.


This is in line with the Biophilia hypothesis put forth by Edward O. Wilson in his book Biophilia (1984), a term coined by the philosopher Erich Fromm.

La Gran Utilitat de la Palla d’Arròs / Rice Straw Mulch

[English at the very bottom. Valencià a mitj.]
No es la primera vez que alabo los usos múltiples de la paja de arroz, pero antes teníamos a lo mejor una docena de balas para probar. El otoño pasado compramos unas 300 para una posible edificación (todavía estamos a la espera del permiso), pero mientras tanto, con tanta lluvia, fue imposible mantenerlas secas y la foto muestra ahora lo que tenemos: un acolchado tremendo que ya se está descomponiendo a una materia orgánica riquísima para el suelo.

No és la primera vegada que alabe els usos múltiples de la palla d’arròs de L’Albufera, però abans teníem com a molt una dotzena de bales per a provar. El tardor passat, vam comprar unes 300 per a una possible edificació (encara esperem el permís de construir), però mentres tant, amb tanta pluja, va ser impossible mantindre’ls seques i la foto mostra ara ho que tenim: un ‘alcochado’ tremend que ja s’està descomponent a una matèria orgànica riquíssima pel sòl.
Decomposing straw 2

This is the bottom layer of rice straw after having been left out in the elements for about 8 months. We had covered it for a future straw bale building, but with such a tremendous quantity of rain, it was impossible to keep it dry and these bales are ending up serving as a pretty nice mulch. Nice to see such rich dark organic material, and they also help to conserve soil moisture!

What´s for Dinner? / Actualment Mengem…

[English below.] Com som del nord, ens fa falta experiència amb verdures d´hivern. Ara hem produït solament per al auto-consumo. Hui he fet un salteado amb bròcoli, carlotes, col i nabicol, ens va be després del fred i vent que fa fora. Prompte tindrem pésols però l´espinac va lent.

Given that we hail from northern climes, other than a couple of years of urban gardening in Madrid, we lack experience with winter crops, and last year produced little more than spindly spinach much later than I wanted, in March, which looks like it will be the case again this year. This year we´ve done better by adding brassica, peas and carrots to the mix. The broccolis are producing reasonably well and peas will be coming soon. Though the carrots are small, that will certainly improve as our soil improves (by the month). Weirdly, lettuce from two varieties we planted in the summer garden has self-seeded and is doing better than a couple of four-seasons varieties we planted in October. It gives just a slight taste of the food forest to come in the future, in this subtropical region where most seeds seem to overwinter just fine.

Medidas de prohibir el despilfarro de alimentos en Francia

Según el periodico francés Le Monde, la Asemblea Nacional de Francia ha prohibido con unanimidad tres medidas para prohibir que las grandes cadenas de supermercados desechen alimentos no vendidos.  En su vez, serán obligados a donarlos a asociaciones caritativas o destinarlos a la ganadería.  The Guardian presenta un reportaje en inglés. ¡Ya la gente no tendrá que espigar dentro de los grandes contenedores de basura municipal!  Y las asociaciones caritativas ya no tendrán que mendigar.  Le Monde ha publicado este interesante imagen:

Le gaspillage alimentaire

44,4 Grados en Carcaixent

El jueves pasado, 14 de mayo, la estación oficial meteorológica de Carcaixent marcó la temperatura máxima de toda España. Valencia alcanzó en la estación meteorológica de los Jardines del Real un máximo de 41,7 grados.

Levante – El Mercantil Valenciano reporta sobre la capital: ¨Según los datos de AEMET, desde 1869 solo ha habido 4 días más cálidos que el de ayer, uno en julio y tres en agosto … los días 26 de julio de 1881 y el 27 de agosto de 2010 con 43 grados; el 18 de agosto de 1881 y el 13 del mismo mes pero de 1994, con 42,5 grados, a los que hay que añadir el de ayer.¨

Bueno, entrando en Alzira en marzo, con unas Fallas notablemente frías, me comentaron que iba a ser un verano caliente.  Jamás habría pensado que comenzara tan pronto.DSCF4647

Senderisme a la Ribera de Xúquer

RIBERATURISME presenta la primera edició del programa de SENDERISME guiat a la Ribera de Xúqer. Un total de 13 ajuntaments han participat en este programa que recorrerà diferents parts de la comarca.

Es tracta d’un programa turístic mediambiental que utilitza els senders homologats per la Federació Valenciana de Muntanyisme per a fer-los servir com rutes verdes guiades. Aquesta iniciativa es durà a terme en dissabtes i diumenges dels mesos de setembre, octubre i novembre
Llomba, 18 de oct.
Sumacarcai: 19 de oct.
La inscripció és obligatòria per poder  estar cobert per la assegurança.: http://goo.gl/C2T0Ke